Join me on the 33-day path

I recently came across Panache Desai‘s work, and his 33-day path. He might seem intense in his speech, but that’s precisely the thing that draws me in and makes his message compelling. I had to buy his book – Discovering Your Soul Signature – this week from Books Kinokuniya (S$36.95) and after subscribing to his 33-day path reminders, I’m a much bigger fan.

Each day, I receive an email about the emotion to focus on and/or release for the day. There is so much truth and conviction in the way he communicates, I think he’s pretty cool.

Join me on this journey, it’s been amazing!

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The year of money mastery

For 6 and 1/2 years now, I have been involved in a lot of non-profit work, and even in my for-profit dealings, I have been charging prices that are more friendly to SMEs that it has been for my own pocket. In other words, I have not been as fiscally responsible to my business and myself as I ought to be.

I decided that 2014 would be my year of money mastery, where I would work on my relationship with money, grow my savings, be comfortable about earning money, and not feel guilty about earning a salary from doing good. How can I help others if I can’t even help myself, and I will be able to do more social good with more money.

I was speaking to my best friend this week about how I would price my upcoming PR seminars, and she said that I could afford to charge higher, and how I shouldn’t assume that people do not have money. She added that I need to focus on the future value that I am giving these participants, and she is right.

As I am in the process of writing some books on environmental conservation, I have been tuning in to Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience 2014. So far, I’ve picked up some useful tips, and to date, the one that I found to have resonated with me most was the session with Lisa Nichols. Not only is she highly inspiring, but she gives wonderful advice that create positive emotional and mental shifts in people.

This interview  goes on for over an hour, but in particular, I liked the following quotes that she made about money:

“Look at money as an energy exchange, money isn’t the end all and be all. Money is a tool, a team member… a team member that gives you the access to greater tools, greater equipment, to greater platforms. It’s just a tool. You don’t work for money, you work for transformation. Money is simply an energy exchange that allows you to continue producing transformation. I’d like to invite you to have an emotional shift, a money shift, a blueprint shift, a mental shift, so money can help you do what you want to do and more of it .”

“Prosperity and finance and abundance is simply an exchange of your energy that you put out to the world, and it’s simply a vehicle for you to do more good in the world and make more memories – better memories, more delicious memories – in the world.”

She’s so incredible, I love her authenticity, and I love her wisdom.

Because I don’t like sales-y language that seems to be more about earning money for the speaker than about helping others, there are very few personal/transformational coaches that I can identify with. If you like grounded people, I’d definitely recommend that you check out Lisa Nichols.

For people looking into money mastery and abundance, which includes love, health and happiness, I’d like to share a couple of tools that have helped me so far. Just to clarify, I have no business affiliation with the creators of these resources.

Here’sScreen Shot 2014-05-30 at 12.32.15 am a CD that was highly recommended by a friend – Pathways to Abundance with the Archangels. While it may sound strange and bogus, this CD actually helped me a fair bit, and within days, I had work opportunities coming in for me. This also worked for a friend of mine, who secured a year-long contract in the same week after listening to the recordings.

I gave my feedback to the team behind the production of the CD, who had also received positive feedback about the recordings. You can purchase the CD here, or purchase a downloadable version here.

spiritual guide

This book, The Spiritual Guide to Attracting Prosperity by Carolyn Boyes, is also a wonderful read and workbook. I bought my copy from Books KinoKuniya, and I’d recommend you flip through it the next time you are there – if this is a topic that you are keen on. This book talks about the law of attraction of course, and manifestation. Highly recommended!

In addition, I was recently introduced to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, if you’re not familiar with it, here’s a video of him talking about it. Check it out!

For more on money mastery, look out for the upcoming replay of interview recordings with Robert Allen and Ryan Eliason in Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience 2014 here. The recordings are only available for 24 hours, so catch it while you can!

Feel free to share any resources that you use, which has made a difference in your life!

Images taken from Overdrive and Love for Crystals

Let’s transition away from economic growth

Here’s an impactful short film that explains how we have arrived at our current crisis in the areas of money, society and environment, and how we need to shift the focus away from economic growth and towards community. The current economic system clearly isn’t working for us.

In it, Charles Eisenstein explains sacred economics and how money systems need to change in order to benefit humanity and bring us together, instead of separating us and creating a barrier to what makes us happy. He also talks about healing, and about a new kind of economy, such as negative-interest currencies, resource-based economics and gift economies. This video offers a taste of the concepts he shares his book, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life, and/or wondering how you can make a difference, watch this! It is refreshing and uplifting!

Reimagining investment for the whole human

This video by Sustainable Man features a snippet of Tim Jackson’s TED talk on how we need an economic reality check. What I found impactful about his talk is when he  says we need to invest in a more meaningful idea of prosperity, where people are given the means to do well physically, emotionally and psychologically.

He also says:

What we’ve done is we’ve created economies. We’ve created systems, which systematically privilege, encourage, one narrow quadrant of the human soul and left the others unregarded. And in the same token, the solution becomes clear, because this isn’t, therefore, about changing human nature. It isn’t, in fact, about curtailing possibilities. It is about opening up. It is about allowing ourselves the freedom to become fully human, recognizing the depth and the breadth of the human psyche and building institutions to protect Rembrandt’s fragile altruist within.

Do take time out to watch this 7:18 min video, it really is worth the time. Do also check out their other videos when you have time!

Gaiam TV is transformational

If you love exploring the meaning of life and learning about the world, value enlightening perspectives, and long for a life beyond consumer culture, Gaiam TV is a wonderful website featuring interesting interviews, documentaries and informative resources on healthy lifestyles, nature, sustainable economy, culture, spirituality, metaphysics and topics related to the seeking of higher truths.

Here is one of their featured Mind Shift interviews done with Russell Brand, who has been doing an amazing job raising awareness of how the current system must change, and he is calling for a revolution. This is an excellent interview conducted by Daniel Pinchbeck (who’s work I love), and it also features Eve Ensler of The Vagina Monologues.

One quote that I love of Russell’s in this interview,

We need to look at maximum positive impact to 100% of humanity without any ecological damage as soon as possible… Certain cultural narratives are promoted that are beneficial only to elites, these cultural narratives are not true. We need to realign the cultural narratives that we promote. The only reality that is relevant is we have one planet, we have this many people on the planet, we have this number of resources. Any system in conflict with the even distribution of the resources to the people is a disingenuous and illusionary system. All these things are just an idea… America, England, Karate, Wednesday.

It’s so well put. Watch the video and pass it around!

StoryMaker is a pretty awesome app

Today I was overseeing a photo shoot for the SaferSkin campaign, and I recorded some behind the scenes action with my BlackBerry. Within 5 minutes of using the StoryMaker app, I put together this video and it was uploaded to YouTube within minutes.

It sure beats fussing over Final Cut Pro or iMovie Maker on my laptop. And I can upload videos on the go. Really cool.

This micro campaign will be launched soon, look out for it!

Don’t let life pass you by

I recently came across this short video about losing out on life when chasing society’s definition of success. Narrated by philosopher Alan Watts, this clip is a good reminder to live in the present and remember to live one’s life, not surprisingly, this was animated by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

This documentary breaks down how strange society has become

Everyone needs to watch this documentary – Propaganda, which is available in full here. It was said to be a leaked North Korean documentary on the west, but then I read elsewhere that it was really an experiment by an New Zealand director.

Regardless of the back story, this documentary shows how warped society has become, where we have become a product of propaganda, and buy into lies and what other (big) egos want us to think. We think it is the norm to listen and trust role models, rather than listening and trusting in ourselves.

The part about distraction is very true, and even if you don’t have time to watch the whole documentary at once, watch it in parts. It also talks about religion, and even if you don’t relate to that section, don’t disregard the rest of the documentary, because it helps explain how we can be more aware of what we are buying into from politicians, corporations, the media, and celebrity.

Watch it in full with an open mind. It is pretty mindblowing.

Zen temple cuisine in Singapore


Spiritual people usually make really good food. It must be the way they cook from the heart, and the blessings they infuse into the food.

I have not eaten at Enso Kitchen for years now, for varying reasons, including the relocation of its chef, Danny Chu, to Taiwan. He now comes to Singapore occasionally for visits, and organises lunch and dinner sessions that are open for the public.

I invited Brenda for lunch in lieu of a long overdue birthday present.

The starter was goma tofu, which is made from sesame.


Behold, their main course for summer!

P1200428 P1200433Everything tasted good and on the whole, presented a wide spectrum of flavours and textures. My favourite was the pumpkin mash with water chestnut and raisins. Brenda’s favourite was the eggplant. That was so yummy too. I also loved the brown rice with burdock and I will need to learn to make meals like that for my beloved. While the portions look small, Brenda and I were so full by the end of it. I hope to go for every session they have from now on, such soul food it is.


Dessert was watermelon, mango in jelly, and mochi. A nice way to cap off the meal. 


To stay updated on their sessions, follow them on Facebook and drop them an email to sign up for updates.

Best food ever!