Zen temple cuisine in Singapore


Spiritual people usually make really good food. It must be the way they cook from the heart, and the blessings they infuse into the food.

I have not eaten at Enso Kitchen for years now, for varying reasons, including the relocation of its chef, Danny Chu, to Taiwan. He now comes to Singapore occasionally for visits, and organises lunch and dinner sessions that are open for the public.

I invited Brenda for lunch in lieu of a long overdue birthday present.

The starter was goma tofu, which is made from sesame.


Behold, their main course for summer!

P1200428 P1200433Everything tasted good and on the whole, presented a wide spectrum of flavours and textures. My favourite was the pumpkin mash with water chestnut and raisins. Brenda’s favourite was the eggplant. That was so yummy too. I also loved the brown rice with burdock and I will need to learn to make meals like that for my beloved. While the portions look small, Brenda and I were so full by the end of it. I hope to go for every session they have from now on, such soul food it is.


Dessert was watermelon, mango in jelly, and mochi. A nice way to cap off the meal. 


To stay updated on their sessions, follow them on Facebook and drop them an email to sign up for updates.

Best food ever!


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