This documentary breaks down how strange society has become

Everyone needs to watch this documentary – Propaganda, which is available in full here. It was said to be a leaked North Korean documentary on the west, but then I read elsewhere that it was really an experiment by an New Zealand director.

Regardless of the back story, this documentary shows how warped society has become, where we have become a product of propaganda, and buy into lies and what other (big) egos want us to think. We think it is the norm to listen and trust role models, rather than listening and trusting in ourselves.

The part about distraction is very true, and even if you don’t have time to watch the whole documentary at once, watch it in parts. It also talks about religion, and even if you don’t relate to that section, don’t disregard the rest of the documentary, because it helps explain how we can be more aware of what we are buying into from politicians, corporations, the media, and celebrity.

Watch it in full with an open mind. It is pretty mindblowing.


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