The best things in life are free


The Singapore Really Really Free Market is run by my friends Jennifer and Tien, who started Post-Museum and Food#03. This temporary market has been running since 2009, where people gather to give and take free products and services.

You don’t have to give to take, and you don’t have to take when you give. This event is all about sharing what you have with others, and recirculating products that are in great condition instead of binning it. Products that are donated include DVDs, books, magazines, home ware, fresh baked goods, clothing and accessories. I even picked up a hairdryer at their recent session at The Eurasian Association! It was just what I was after, and is the exact model I bought many years ago, which has since broken down.

Services on offer have included tarot card readings, healing therapy, singing bowl therapy, and even storytelling and advice.

I don’t usually pick up anything and prefer to offload things as I am decluttering my life. I have many things that I have bought on a whim that are no longer relevant, and instead of giving them to charities which already bursting at the seams with too much to sell, this is a more straightforward option, at least it is for me.

The free market takes place whenever they can find a large enough venue willing to host them, so if you know of a place which they can use on a Sunday, get in touch with them at their Facebook fan page.

Again, I didn’t take many photos at this recent event, and only have these couple shots, which are not a good representation of the event.

P1200377Check it out sometime!


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