I figured I’d have a Media (exploits) page to document every time I’ve been featured in the press. Some bloggers/celebrities have one, so I figured, hey I should have one too, since I seem to do a damn good job of running into the media!

Some of these “cameos” are for Green Drinks Singapore. Some others are frivolous, just like I am!

There are a couple more, but I will add them in time.

August Woman (April 2013)

August Woman (April 2013)


National Geographic promotion for Doomsday Preppers

Straits Times (5 Feb 2012)

The Straits Times (1 Jan 2012)

Our Everyday SHEroes, InsideOut by TEDxSingapore (3 Dec 2011) Click to watch video

Blackberry Singapore’s Facebook page (November 2011)

Public House (8 October 2011)

938LIVE Talkback (21 September 2011) on the National Climate Change Strategy 2012

Glow (July – September 2011)

938Live, They Are Making a Difference (8 June 2011)

TODAY Online (4 June 2011)

Her World (May 2011)

Home & Decor (April 2011)

ST Urban (25 March 2011)

Singapore Kopitiam (25 March 2011)

RazorTv (8 January 2011)

938Live’s Face Off with Anita Kapoor (24 November 2010) part 2

938Live’s Face Off with Anita Kapoor (24 November 2010) part 1 

VegVibe (Sept/Oct 2010)

The Straits Times (29 August 2010)

Vegetarian Society (Singapore) poster

Social Entrepreneurship Forum (June 2010)

Shanghai Expo 2010 video featured in Singapore’s pavillion (May – Oct 2010)

Razor TV (4 March 2010) on vegetarianism.

CNN Go (9 December 2009)