Reimagining investment for the whole human

This video by Sustainable Man features a snippet of Tim Jackson’s TED talk on how we need an economic reality check. What I found impactful about his talk is when he  says we need to invest in a more meaningful idea of prosperity, where people are given the means to do well physically, emotionally and psychologically.

He also says:

What we’ve done is we’ve created economies. We’ve created systems, which systematically privilege, encourage, one narrow quadrant of the human soul and left the others unregarded. And in the same token, the solution becomes clear, because this isn’t, therefore, about changing human nature. It isn’t, in fact, about curtailing possibilities. It is about opening up. It is about allowing ourselves the freedom to become fully human, recognizing the depth and the breadth of the human psyche and building institutions to protect Rembrandt’s fragile altruist within.

Do take time out to watch this 7:18 min video, it really is worth the time. Do also check out their other videos when you have time!


Embracing my vulnerability

This is an old TED video, and I just watched it on the weekend, some six months after it was sent to me by a friend who felt I really needed to watch it because it would help with work, and perhaps he’d never say it, but probably my personal life also.

There were so many points of discomfort for me; feelings of resistance, especially where Brene Brown says “the way to live is with vulnerability”. I also identified with many other things she had said, such as how we numb vulnerability.

The talk reminded me about what my brother told me at least a decade ago, that we cannot numb sadness without numbing happiness. He studied psychology and used to dish me all kinds of advice about living a righteous life. It was very helpful and made me very self aware, but it also made me judge myself constantly as well as feel guilt every time I did anything perceived as socially unacceptable. I recently learned not to feel guilt and to a lesser extent, regret and to discharge those emotions as soon as possible, because it really sucks my energy.

If you haven’t watched it, do it. It was some of the best 20 minutes I’d ever spent.

Time to go work on this vulnerability thing. Fiona reinforced this notion over the weekend also and said I have to stop pretending that I’m ok when I’m not. Tsk…!

Upcoming TEDx Talks in Singapore

I’m part of a dedicated team co-curating the next live TEDxSingapore event on 3 April. It’s a privilege to be working with a bunch of highly driven volunteers, and I’ve gradually been learning from the inside, the details they look at while coordinating these conferences.

This upcoming session will be held at the new conference wing of Singapore Expo – Max Atria,  which has been awarded the Green Mark Platinum certification. More details on speakers shortly.

As soon as 3 March, TEDxSingapore is holding an event screening new TED Talks from the TED 2012 Conference in California. To sign up for that, click here.

Thought I’d also include one of my favourite talks, on something that everyone is familiar with… CAPTCHA! Enjoy this video!