Art exhibition: What is the Poverty Line?

Just over two weeks ago, the awesomely creative team at Newton Circus (not the hawker centre) had a soft launch of a gorgeous photography exhibition titled “What is the Poverty Line?” at their office premises. Newton Circus looks at sustainable business innovation, and they have a lot of heart behind the work they do.

In this yummy installment, the photographer Stefen Chow looks at which everyday food items sum up the daily poverty line in China. He has also done a series in Nepal, Malaysia and Japan, but I’m not too sure when he will be exhibiting the rest of the photographs.

Instead of putting them up on walls, as is usually seen in art galleries or the like, the photographs are affixed on the floor to ceiling windows, so passers-by can view them too… brings new meaning to the term, window dressing!

To find out more information about the photographs, visit, and to see the exhibition, visit the windows of Newton Circus at 138 Cecil Street, #01-01 Cecil Court.

Here are some photos from the night!

Towards the end of the night... view from the top.

A mix of interesting folk from related industries of sustainability + design.

With Barbara and Kwok Pan

With Barbara and Tessa