The Green Singapore Sale is now on!

Greenstore has organised the Green Singapore Sale 2013, so for those who find eco products expensive, now is the time to get a good deal. This event is not about consumerism though, as we should buy only what we need.

Products on offer include non-toxic beauty cosmetics and cleaning products, organic and fair trade clothing and accessories, organic food, energy saving devices, and more. Visit their website at, the sale runs till 28 July.

I was at their bazaar on the weekend. Here are some photos. Admittedly I didn’t take enough, I was talking to some stall owners and forgot to take photos of their products.

Mediacorp was also having their Saving Gaia event.


This is my friend, Eugene Tay who runs Greenstore and many eco initiatives, he runs his own sustainability consultancy, and co-runs a a co-working space called Ecosystem. Singapore is a much better place with him, and if he doesn’t win the Ecofriend award this year, there must be something wrong.


Greenpal sells some interesting products like eco scrubs for all kinds of scouring purposes and water clocks.


I am currently testing this product on my face, which has been alleviating any itching, due to eczema.

This is Dragos from Etrican, they were showcasing their new eco fashion collection at the bazaar. They have yet to do a lookbook but that’s coming soon. 

This is an all-natural enzymatic solution by Hestia Singapore, and it can be used with air conditioning units to diffuse particles and it helps to deodorise the room. It’s a pretty awesome product for cleaning the air, unlike air many fresheners out there which actually put toxins in the air which results in poor indoor air quality.


Like I said, I should have taken more photos, you can find more at Greenstore’s Facebook page, if you’re keen.

Be sure to check it out!


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