Have you tried Airbnb yet?

In late March, I was hunting down accommodation for my visiting boyfriend, but it was quite an inconvenience for friends and family since it could be a tad awkward, so I turned to Airbnb and Roomorama for options that are homely and more affordable than most hotels. My very innocent boyfriend found Hotel 81 on the internet and said it sounded like a good deal, and I was like, well… it’s not quite what you think it is, babe.

Coming from his countryside dwelling, he is used to dead quiet surroundings with lots of trees, which is also a preference of mine, and so we looked for a place that is away from the hustle and bustle, full of greenery, with a good view and ideally a swimming pool. Our budget per night was around S$100.

And we found this treasure on York Road.




P1190918 P1200009

I’ve always wanted to see what it’s like living in a black and white house, and this experience fully satisfied my curiosity. Costing exactly S$100 a night, excluding a S$20 cleaning fee, we found it to be great value, and pretty much what we were after. The hosts were also very hospitable, and they have a lovely cat and dog.

The weather was exceptionally warm during that week we stayed with them, and we could understand why their cat was always lounging around. We felt exactly the same way.


We didn’t end up using the pool, which was a bit of a missed opportunity I guess.

If you live in Singapore and are after a staycation, or if you know of someone coming to town who would appreciate a living space like this, you can find its listing here.

Check out Airbnb’s picks, my favourite is this seashell house in Mexico.


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