Instagram updates xx

While I have an Instagram account, I haven’t been using it religiously. I hold a 3rd generation iPod and the photos don’t turn out so good, and so of late I’ve been using my boyfriend’s 4th generation iPod and Instagram account instead. Here are some photos we’ve been taking around New South Wales.

photo copy 2

At the beach, with my recent hair cut. It’s rather short. It feels a lot lighter and it’s just in time for the Australian summer. We are at The Pass, in Byron Bayphoto copy

The “open” sign at Utopia cafe, where we sometimes eat/drink while surfing the internetsphoto copy 3

Olives with ciabattaphoto copy 4

Some dolls we saw in Byron Bayphoto

I made some wholewheat bread buns today, using oat milk, honey and olive oil as part of the recipe. It was pretty dense, and filling to eat. Fresh bread is always nice. Recipe coming soon!


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