A big year for romance

This year has been such a year of lessons in the love department. It has been three years since my last relationship, and I’ve let my fear of emotional intimacy and other emotional blockages get in the way of love.

From three years ago, I had been searching for my twin flame, which I had previously mentioned in a post. I kept looking for the signs of this one true love who would show synchronicities to me in life events, ideals and even thoughts. While I might sound like I am looking for another me, which might be the case, I of course expect diversity in opinions and interests, I am not after a minion or lemming. It’s just that synchronicities are the classic twin flame signs.

I looked so hard that I failed to enjoy some friendships. While there were some synchronicities here and there, I was giving them more meaning than it deserved. It was only when I surrendered to the fact that it didn’t matter if the love interest in question was a twin flame or not, the real deal came. So yes, I finally met him.

For once, I feel like I can be myself, and I’ve not felt as comfortable with anyone else. After spending 5 days with him in New South Wales, where he lives, I felt so at home that I decided to base myself there from next year, but continue my environmental projects, especially the SaferSkin campaign that was launched almost two weeks ago. I’ve since handed over the Green Drinks events segment to a team of 11 but the advocacy and campaigning work continues. I’m also planning on writing some books, doing some organic farming and promoting more of their local produce to Singapore.

And so, I have decided to stop updating this blog in the near future, and instead start a new one, which focuses on my new exploits of organic farming and living off the land. The social intercoursing stops here. And while it sounds like I’m getting all Martha Stewart on you, it’s not going to be like that.  I didn’t fall in love and turn cheesy.

When the new website is up, I will create one last post to direct you there. Do join me there!


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