I ♥ cycling!

I love the look of beach hair.

Okay we didn’t hang out at a beach this time, but it was another favourite activity of mine that we were embarking on… cycling! We sat a bumboat on the way to Pengerang, Johor to do that… and I got beach hair in the process, yay. A one hour-long noisy, diesel fuming journey must have some perks, right?

There was a bunch of us – 19 to be exact, but only 15 of us were cycling. Fiona and Nigel also joined in. This journey was certainly entertaining.

The boat man took a detour when he saw a floundering fish in the water. We’d initially thought he’d run into some engine trouble, but fortunately it was just some leisurely pursuit of his.

Shortly after, we were back on our way, looking at interesting sights…

Not long after, we got to our destination and were dropped off to the bicycle kiosk, and rode 13km towards our lunch destination, the Good Luck seafood restaurant. Someone joked that it’s good luck if we made it there, and one person did get hurt along the way. It was quite a tiring ride under the hot sun, and we didn’t quite ride at a leisurely pace. I sure as hell wasn’t used it to it… or at least not to my bike.

We finally got there, but I’d pretty much lost my appetite and was just thirsting for a coconut. I was tempted by beer but I knew it was a bad idea. After lunch, we were back on our way. We passed by this temple had made a pit stop to take photos.

This photo is courtesy of Michael Quah, and is the only photo of me I have on this trip. You can tell from my legs that I got a bit of a tan. I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt to protect my arms earlier (especially when I had a photoshoot with Cosmopolitan the following day) but I felt too warm and had to take it off.

I was absolutely knackered by the time we all got to the jetty.

Here’s Jay with his very chirpy looking umbrella… on the boat. I sat outside to get some fresh air, see the sights, and also catch more beachy hair on the way back to Singapore.

It’s always an adventure with Michael and his group of friends. While I am one of the youngest people there, they are all more energetic than I am, based on how I was the last cyclist to get back to the bicycle kiosk on the return leg! Till today, I still maintain that there was lots of resistance from my bicycle and I’m sure there was something going on with my bike. There’s just no way that I’m that unfit! I suppose I’ll only find out at the next cycling trip, whenever that is!


5 thoughts on “I ♥ cycling!

  1. Try sending bicycle in to a bike shop for tuning and maintenance.
    Just got my red CarryMe running buttery smooth.

  2. Hi Wee, yes there’s a bicycle kiosk near the jetty. They even come and pick you up in a car. I’ll need to get more details and will let you know again.

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