Beach bumming

I love sitting in sand and being near the sea. And it’s a hundred times better with beer and some close friends. Suspecting that I would be the first among my friends to arrive at Tanjong Beach Club over the weekend, I brought along a book to bide my time as I sipped my beer.

The beach was super crowded, even at 5pm. I’d never seen it this packed. There were so many new faces, most of them were foreigners.

Here are some kids playing with waste left behind by adults.

It was just a few of us this time. Brenda wasn’t feeling well and stayed home, so it was just Fiona, Nigel, Sarah, Jacq and myself. We had a great time catching up, and  speaking about random stuff, like this social networking platform focused on fitness called Fitocracy, and how they have a group called Booby Fridays, where some girls go topless. Hmmm.

Here’s Fiona and Nigel taking a beach stroll, while Sarah is in her own world. And then we left my camera with Nigel…

I wish I could live on the beach, or on an island. Just over a week ago, I went to St John’s Island, and this weekend, I am heading up to Pengarang island. I’m really looking forward to it!

Going to any beach feels like the closest thing to a holiday!


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