Newest lifestyle haunt in Singapore

Broadcast HQ, a vinyl bar/restaurant is the latest tenant at 107-109 Rowell Road, where Post-Museum and Food#03 used to be, which was also the birthplace of Green Drinks Singapore. They opened their doors tonight, and Fiona, Nigel and myself went to sticky-beak.

A lot of the original foundation remains, and there have been some renovations to the bar, washroom, plus there’s a new staircase at the back, and a new doorway between the two units.

We all made the same order of the fried oyster squid ink burger. It was pretty much the only substantial non-meat item on the menu, given that they are essentially a meat joint (their tagline is Meat. Mead. Music) and I’m pescetarian. Fiona and Nigel are carnivores but they were feeling partial to the oyster burger.

The burger was yummy, but at $25, we found it rather pricey for what it is. In fact, everything seemed a bit overpriced, and it is something they need to look into.  Nigel gave them some feedback and they kindly gifted us a serving of smokey fries with lime ketchup, which was very tasty. The oyster burger should definitely come with a side of their signature fries and be priced slightly cheaper.

Also, I think they should do away with the un-environmental paper placemat menus. They could instead have a savvy-looking clipboard to match their industrial theme, and save on printing costs of the placemats or an elaborate menu.

Aside from these gripes, I greatly enjoyed the electronic music that was playing, and the service was pleasant.

After dinner (and several drinks), we proceeded to take photos to remember this night.

If you’d like to check it out, here are the details –

Will I be back? Not for the food, unless they lower the prices, but probably for parties because it has a nice vibe and would be a spectacular backdrop for events. Definitely a space to watch.


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