Embracing my vulnerability

This is an old TED video, and I just watched it on the weekend, some six months after it was sent to me by a friend who felt I really needed to watch it because it would help with work, and perhaps he’d never say it, but probably my personal life also.

There were so many points of discomfort for me; feelings of resistance, especially where Brene Brown says “the way to live is with vulnerability”. I also identified with many other things she had said, such as how we numb vulnerability.

The talk reminded me about what my brother told me at least a decade ago, that we cannot numb sadness without numbing happiness. He studied psychology and used to dish me all kinds of advice about living a righteous life. It was very helpful and made me very self aware, but it also made me judge myself constantly as well as feel guilt every time I did anything perceived as socially unacceptable. I recently learned not to feel guilt and to a lesser extent, regret and to discharge those emotions as soon as possible, because it really sucks my energy.

If you haven’t watched it, do it. It was some of the best 20 minutes I’d ever spent.

Time to go work on this vulnerability thing. Fiona reinforced this notion over the weekend also and said I have to stop pretending that I’m ok when I’m not. Tsk…!


3 thoughts on “Embracing my vulnerability

  1. thanks for posting it. I love this TED speech and you prompted me to look at it again. hope the vulnerability is proving fun…..

  2. In the last couple of months, I am totally embracing the notion that life is about duality. Yes, it is ok to be sad and angry and all the feelings and emotions that people perceive as negative. Because without them, how can we possibly experience love and joy and happiness and all the wonderful feelings and emotions that we so deserved 🙂

  3. Thanks Judith! It’s taking some used to because my ego likes to intercept, am still negotiating this!

    Foofoo! Yes Beijing was teaching me about duality, as was Ann in the recent workshop. Lots of learnings this year!

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