Holiday in Ko Lanta

It’s been ages since I’ve had a holiday. Somehow everyone seems to think that I’m always on holiday… that was true two to three years ago, but these days, I’ve been desk-bound – tied up, blindfolded and gagged… best thing is, I put the binds on myself!

For some reason, the last few travel destinations have been Thailand for me. I was about to tear my hair out from needing a break, and contemplated Bali to attend TEDxUbud, KL to attend Green Drinks KL, and Tokyo to hang out with Fiona, and perhaps pick up some t-shirts or buy a new Head Porter bag. I had to scratch most of them off because there was an interesting dialogue with Tommy Koh (followed by casual dinner), that I really wanted to attend.

When my friend Casson invited me up to Ko Lanta by the beach, it was a no brainer. I jumped at it. Green Drinks KL would have to wait… since it’s a skip and a hop away and I can go any month, pretty much. I love the beach!

Ok it wasn’t like that when I got there, but after two days of wet weather, stormy for parts, I got to enjoy the sun and beach! We stayed at Relax Bay, and it was well set up for lounging, alright.

We did some beach walks, and did a fair bit of shell picking. There was lots of plastic too, and it has no place on the beach.

It was quite a meaningful trip for me, where I thought a lot about stuff – work, personal, spiritual – and I was so in my head and was so disconnected from my heart. At many points I did empty my head of thoughts… when there was beer! Casson was pretty entertaining too, with his coconut fetish. He was cracking coconuts he found, everyday. He even used a hacksaw (which he “borrowed” from the tool shed) to pry them apart. See the passion in his eyes…

We also went around the island to see what it had to offer. Lots of greenery and fishing boats. He had friends there too, so we hung out a bit, and found a food/clothing market.

I managed to get a swim in… I’d been looking to jump in since I got there. It was really lovely, but the waves were pretty strong and I got a bit scratched up when I was fighting to get back to shore… there were some rocks I encountered and they weren’t very friendly. It hurt a little bit but it hurt a lot less than the time I put my hand in a bonfire to turn a log, clearly a case of bad judgement. It’s been a week now, and I’m almost all recovered, but the scars are taking its sweet time to heal up.

On the last night, there was a lot of this! I love hammocks, and when I see one I just gotta lie in it.

At the end of the trip, I felt pretty recharged, and ready to get back to work… before my Beijing visit next week. I’m going to see some NGOs up there, and check out Beijing Green Drinks! I’m feeling really good about it 🙂


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