Talking trash and other things

I was recently interviewed by Razor TV on plastic bag usage in Singapore, along with two of my favourite environmental friends, Eugene Tay and Allan Lim.

I feel we need to watch both our purchasing and disposal patterns; buying what we need, choosing products with as little packaging as possible, composting organic food waste, and recycling what we can.  In addition, we ought to get used to paying for thin, bin liners, because supermarkets do not have the responsibility to provide you with bags for your trash!

Click on the photo to watch the video. I always thought that t-shirt looked nice on me, until I watched this video!

Also made available online was this presentation I made on collaborating for change, at a Humaneity conference, held at INSEAD. I was a bit nervous, and am speaking like I had too much to drink the night before. Check it out!


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