Aura photography app


Brenda recently came across an iPhone/iPod app that quite accurately captures the colours of one’s aura, and a bunch of us find it absolutely amazing. Fiona, Brenda and I downloaded it without delay.

I have been photographing my surroundings indiscriminately, even the chickens, to get an insight on their feelings for the moment.


The redness symbolises anxiety and this is about right for Ruffy the rooster. He’s excited about being released from the coop. I suppose the gold aura symbolises good virtues in Brownie, the hen.


For US$1.99, the Aura Photography app effectively saves Brenda and I at least $5 a year. From time to time, we go to Kang Li Crystal at Fu Lu Shou Complex to have our auras photographed, and now we don’t need to anymore.

Auramatherapy at #02-21 Siglap Centre photographs chakras and auras from $18, we’ve not yet been but have been thinking about it. Definitely worth a try! Perhaps someday, someone will create an app for that too.


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