Stories moms tells me

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that my Moms likes to tell really unusual stories with a moral to it.

Last year over a Christmas BBQ, one of my family members was talking about getting turned down when asking for something, and Moms said that it depends on how we request for it. She then asked us, “Haven’t you heard the story ‘Permission to Smoke and Pray’?”. All of us at the table shot her clueless looks.

So the story goes, there were two monks, and one of them wanted to smoke but he had to chant his prayers (what are the chances of that happening, although I did find some photos of monks smoking when I was looking for an appropriate photo for this post). So he went to the abbott and asked if he could smoke while he was praying. His request was turned down.

He told this to another monk, who then said, “Of course you may, let me show you”. He then went to the abbott and asked if it was okay if he prayed while he smoked, and the abbott said to him that it was good to hear he was so devout, and said that he definitely would have permission to do so.

And we were like, that’s it? Yes, that’s it. And we all went back to eating Christmas dinner, as if we never had this conversation to begin with.

Happy weekending!

Image taken from Papky


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