The recent healthy diet that I have no discipline to follow

My health hasn’t been fantastic, so I’ve been losing a lot of hair of late… actually I’ve been losing a lot of hair since 2004. Quite desperate for a solution, I’ve gone to see many people about it and have spent loads of monies on all sorts of treatments. They all helped in their own ways though, especially releasing, which addressed some emotional causes, such as a fear of not being safe, for financial and environmental reasons.

And after being stubborn about it, I decided it’s time to work on my state of health. I’ve been meaning to see an Ayurvedic physician for ages. I’ve had mini readings from a nutritionist, and a Vedic Astrologer, who both advised against too much raw food and brown rice. Brenda came with me, and she’s like the perfect person to compare my results against, because she is a lot more disciplined than I am.

For two months, I’m not supposed to have alcohol, chocolates and any gas-inducing, and spicy food. The latter doesn’t matter because I don’t like chili and am indifferent towards curry. The thing is, when I’m really stressed, I go on a drinking and chocolate binge. April has been quite a hectic month, and I haven’t been going so well with my diet. Hair has been falling out more, which is freaky. Brenda, on the other hand, has been sticking to her diet and seeing miraculous changes. She feels better, and healthier.

The reading is only $20, and I’d highly recommend it to people who are figuring out which foods are best for their bodies. The physician feels your pulse and tells you about your constitution, and the session goes for under 30 minutes. If you are keen, go see Dr Dharna at Om Vedic Heritage Centre in Little India.

I can’t eat many types of vegetables, which is a bummer, since I am mostly vegetarian, and on some days I have fish. I’ve also been advised against eating fruit such as pineapple, papaya and oranges, which I enjoy, and durian and jackfruit, which I don’t quite fancy so that’s okay. I am also not allowed any dairy unless it is low fat, and eggs are not recommended.

I need to get back on track. Pronto. But not having beer is #%^!*. I have cut my beer and chocolate intake though, and am going for moderation instead of cold turkey.

Wish me luck and luscious locks!


5 thoughts on “The recent healthy diet that I have no discipline to follow

  1. Have you thought that perhaps, just perhaps is the lack of protein in your diet? Hair is essential made of keratin, afterall. I have been eating heaps of protein lately (seafood, chicken, soy & the odd beef) and my hair fall has dropped remarkably…I reckon if I use Ba Wang while traveling, my hair fall will definitely be non-existent ;D

    Also since you can’t stick to such a strict diet, why not try TCM, which uses the herbs to balance your qi & thereafter you try your best to stick to the diet?

  2. I used to have the same problem with you. Loosing so much hair that I could see my my scalp which was freaking me out. I went to doctors and alternative doctors with no help until I went no shampoo for 6 months and eventually using all natural shampoo bar that has absolute no added ingredients that I cant pronounce, Maybe you should try that if you are not already doing that.

  3. Ok I’ll have more protein Foofoo. I see you are always trying to get me to try TCM, as if you don’t believe in Ayurveda. I’ve tried TCM for other things before but it didn’t help, perhaps I needed a better physician. I love Ayurvedic treatments, and homeopathic ones too but I need to pick a side.

    Sue, ok the no ‘poo treatment is tempting but I’ll probably not try that in Singapore. The longest I’ve survived is three days 🙂 I’ll need to get hold of that shampoo bar. At the moment I’m using John Masters Organics. It’s not the perfect one for me. I’m still searching.

    Cool, Michael! Let me know how you go with that!

  4. Feedback from one of patient on “Ayurvedic Diet”. Click the site below. « drdharna

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