Updating my bedroom

I have been in the process of decluttering my room for a while, and today was one of those days where I threw out and recycled a lot of my stuff. Getting organised has been a work in progress all my life. And yes, it’s true when they say that women/girls can be a lot messier than guys!

I’ve heard that clutter holds energy, so having a messy bedroom is definitely not ideal and is anti-zen. I hadn’t opened my bedside drawer for two years and found a pharmacy in there. I had to throw out medication from 2006, the only one worth keeping was antihistamines dated 2010. It’s probably not a good idea to consume them, knowing me I’ll probably forget about it only to find them in 2014 and throw them out then.

I’m also moving out my television and cable set-top box to my Dad’s room because I don’t watch it so much these days. I’m doing away with the hotel room concept, which this room was designed with in mind, and I’m now looking to turn it more into a retreat space.

Some time ago, Ikea kindly gave me some store credit to use in my home, and I’ve spent all of it on on my bedroom. I got myself a new pillow, a couple sets of bedding, a bedside lamp, a mosquito net and a set of 3 compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) light bulbs, most of my purchases are pictured. By the way, Ikea is said to have the cheapest CFL light bulbs Singapore-wide. I hope they bring in more styles of LED light bulbs soon, ones that can be used with most of their lamps. I use a screw-on Etrilum LED light bulb in my study, it was a gift from an acquaintance from Shanghai, and I really like it.

I will post more photos of my room when I tidy the other half of it. I need to put in more shelving units for books and crystals. The packing continues…


3 thoughts on “Updating my bedroom

  1. Look forward to see your de-cluttered bedroom! My bedroom is totally de-cluttered, especially since there is no bed!

  2. The single bed concerns me, could perhaps be a contributing factor to our TF not turning up yet, after all where will he sleep?
    Secondly no doubt your room reflects many an environmental NGO office and can best be described as “Dynamic Inactivity”.

    My recommendation to you, get a queen if not Kingsize bed, and “release” the cargo man!

    Love Hong Kee xx

  3. Ha ha.. Well Foofoo, you can get a brand new bed and build brand new, beautiful memories of the future 🙂

    Hong Kee, he’s here already ok, he’s just preoccupied with his own stuff. I got new insights on the weekend. I’ll focus on my life and stop obsessing over this TFF business.

    And no man is sleeping in my bedroom, my dad would dismember him. I do love big beds though.

    Did you see my sexy octopus art in the corner? It sets the stage for a sexy year, well, I have 5 more months to go.

    My bedroom was my office a couple years ago, and I still have folders in there, and a BCA directory and all sorts?!

    Yes, lots of cargo for sure, mate.

    Can’t wait to catch up with you both! xoxo

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