Flirting: my moral and behavioural conundrum

One of my besties, Fiona is severely appalled by the way I interact with men. She has advised that I stop smacking them on the arm, and has commented that I am being too tomboy-ish or even, crude. Instead she has asked that I be more gentle, and has given me a demo on how I should do it, to highlight the applicability of her suggestion.

She’s also requested that I be more gracious, when men offer to buy me a drink. She said that I shouldn’t fend them off with unnecessarily silly excuses. Brenda seconds that.

I suppose I am capable of a softer approach, and it’s not like I can’t do it. I have for  many a time flirted out-rightly, such as when I needed something, like in 2003, when I had to convince someone influential at university to let me get into the masters course after missing out by a few points (I didn’t succeed there, dammit) or especially after some drinks, because I need them to numb my internal monologue which tells me, “Stop being sleazy”! This is the same monologue that says “left, right, left” when I go down the stairs, in case I do a face plant, and “get out of my way!” when I am navigating a busy sidewalk.

Of late I haven’t been so comfortable flirting… what is wrong with me? I suppose I should be more assertive about my sexuality, since it’s a woman’s (and man’s) prerogative, but somewhere in my head I’ve equated flirting with courting drama or being jailbait. Hmmm… not sure where I got that from. Anyway, the smacking arm greeting is quite a recent thing. Again, I’m not so sure where I’d picked that up from.

So when I saw this print/poster on Pinterest, I had to pin it. It cracks me up!

I suppose I’ll keep working on it. That, or killing the monologue.

Image taken from Saying Images


4 thoughts on “Flirting: my moral and behavioural conundrum

  1. IMO you just need to rediscover your inner whore and go out and have some Fun!!! When was the last time you did this? Also as you are not still a teenager or yet aspinster so you don’t need to behave like either. If I were you I would be thinking Cougarlicious Dirty Thirty and just getting back on the horse for a few months or so!

  2. Ha ha!! Loving the new handle you’re using. I’m not whoring around, alright, Strict orders from the witch doctor. And… I’m saving myself for my TFF!

  3. Let’s go shopping for some sexy clothes, sensual shoes, interesting probes & mind blowing gadgets for you & your TFF 😀

    • The only people benefitting from that would be the manufacturers. I got no one to wield the sensual stuff on, God knows when TFF will come around. Godspeed! Love and light to TFF!

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