Trinity birthday partay

My birthday was middle of last month, and I had a cosy gathering with some of my closest friends at Davide’s home. He was planning on a housewarming partay and I decided to hijack piggyback on his event to celebrate my birthday.

To be honest, my birthday doesn’t mean that much to me anymore, but I thought it’d be nice to hang out with some of my spiritual friends. I’d wanted to invite more friends but I’d been so busy that I had forgotten to do so. Goes to show how strong the top-of-mind recall of my birthday is to me.

Turning 33, a trinity themed birthday partay was just the perfect way to go. The theme was initially suggested by Fiona, and the partay plans spearheaded by Brenda. Everyone was asked to come with something in threes.

Brenda and Fiona came with a third eye, Pam and Lukas brought a third flame (as opposed to twin flames), and I brought a life-like third hand – which I borrowed from my dad (without permission, so he would find out here). Some of my friends had quite a bit of fun with it.

I love the above photo of the three of us (my friend Nigel calls us the unholy trinity). There’s an aura around us.

I decided to take Fiona or Brenda’s third eye for a spin when they weren’t looking.

Sarah likes fruit, and evidently, cake! (Candle-blowing photo courtesy of Jacq)

It was really nice that Fiona and Jacq could bring their daughters down to bond. Here’s a pic of the two critters. 

We had a lovely laid-back, meaningful evening eating and chatting, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


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