iLight Marina Bay: A festival of lights

Yes, that’s an igloo in the central business district of Singapore, and for 10 more days, this lit art installation piece and many other ones will be available for viewing along Marina Bay as part of the iLight Marina Bay festival.

I was recently invited to a picnic and tour, hosted by Philips. I could bring a +1, so Fiona came with me. I hadn’t seen her in at least a week and missed her dearly. Brenda was still in the Philippines on a retreat for two weeks, and we missed her very much too.

Here are some of the exhibits we saw.

Here’s Fiona having her Wheel of Fortune or Vanna White moment –

This looked pretty amazing in person, although it can be pretty spooky to see an animated human being emerging from a fountain spray.

We also saw this strobe light which resembles a giant light sabre, and upon turning  our heads, an image would appear. Here’s a video to explain what I mean, although this is a rather poorly shot video, which makes it slightly anti-climatic.

Here’s Fiona distracted by the bubble machine. As soon as she saw it, she made a run for it. She is enjoying it way more than Sarah’s daughter, Ines is!

Our last stop was the ArtsScience Museum, where we watched a very pretty light projection show.

The whole evening was quite a romantic one, although I don’t mean to say that I was having romantic moments with Fiona… perhaps more so with myself… in my head… okay, whatever that means! Anyway, it’s an awesome display of lights, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

After all that walking, Fiona and I hit up South Coast for a well-deserved drink. She had her favourite Campari Orange, and I, a beer.

Here’s a souvenir from that night (photo courtesy of Fleishman-Hillard/Philips).

Do check out the festival if you haven’t already!


2 thoughts on “iLight Marina Bay: A festival of lights

  1. The squid was such fun!
    And boy… do I love the bubble machine! Thinking of getting one for the home 🙂
    Thanks for a enchanted evening babe!

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