Giving it all away to get yourself back

This week, I took some time off to see a shamanic healer with a devil-may-care attitude, where we sat and talked for more than an hour, before he conducted a healing session. Being highly intuitive, he asked for my gold watch, and whether it was expensive. Fearing for the worst, I told him it had sentimental value.

He asked for who had given it to me, and if he could throw it out the window. It was a present from my last boyfriend from 2 and a half years ago, and I’ve become very attached to it. Of course I was like, no way! First of all, that’s killer litter, and second, what a waste of a good watch. But that was not the real answer, as I’d divulged when I had handed it over. I’d given the game away from the start.

The healer said that the watch carried the energy imprint from my ex-boyfriend, and it gave me a certain feeling when I wore it. When backed into a corner, I admitted that the watch did make me feel loved and it gave me the false feeling of being safe. But I’d only realised it that very minute.

What he doesn’t know, is that I have something far worse on my bed. A 16-year old teddy bear that I have owned since my very first boyfriend had given it to me, and I’d taken it with me almost everywhere, and at least two other boyfriends had played with it. That makes it at least three times more potent than the watch.

Looking around my bedroom, there is much to get rid of – gifts of various types, and as Fiona had reminded me, photographs – physical and digital. I even have a mini effigy of my ex-boyfriend somewhere in my room, which I’m so afraid to bin because it would be sent to an incinerator and I don’t want him feeling any seething pain from that. He gave me the go ahead to throw it away because it spooks him out that I made an effigy to begin with. I’ll have to justify here that was a token of love and not a voodoo mechanism. I now know how the homeowners on Clean House felt when they were made to declutter their old memories. Ouch.

Logic tells me that it’s the right thing to do, even though my emotional centre is kicking and screaming. The shamanic healer told me to get rid of the watch, or the next best thing would be to wrap it in a cloth and bury it in salt for 3 days, preferably the former.

I think ridding myself of these love objects from the past 16 years would help me cut the energy cords permanently and heal old wounds, which I’d thought I’d healed from. And I’ll do it because I love myself more than these memories, and for the reason that I need to truly move on, and grow up. Surely my well-being is worth more than that.

Image taken from ladybugrock


4 thoughts on “Giving it all away to get yourself back

  1. I don’t think growup, but I do think it is good to relieve yourself of cargo from time to time……. As someone that has now moved close to 26 times in 15 years, the lighter the load the better

  2. I was looking through Knighton’s reading for me, and he said that after my birthday, I need to end things, and old habits. He said “Stop bleeding spiritually for others… need to get the deadweight off” – spot on!

    Here I am getting rid of stuff, and changing my eating and lifestyle habits, it’s totally happening.

  3. So its proven!
    I was not being a Scorpio when I told my exes to dispose of old photos/gifts/cards/letters/etc, from their previous romantic relationships, both physical and digital, as it just holds too much juju.

    And…it is just fair to your current significant other to start on a relatively clean slate, not hold on to too much baggage, emotionally or energetically.

    Having said this…my current significant other and I are still in the discussion on the amount of juju in digital photos/videos…

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