Stream Asia 2012

This weekend, I’m at Stream Asia 2012, a media and technology unconference (a pretty modest description) organised by WPP Digital.  Over 2 and a half days at Club Med in Phuket, some of Asia’s best and brightest get together to share knowledge and contribute to creating content for all events. It’s pretty damn cool.

I worked at Hill & Knowlton for my first job, which makes WPP my first career parent. I feel like a prodigal son making a homecoming.

All 300 participants are invited to lead discussions, and fill out these boards. I signed up to give a talk called Building Communities for Good, where I shared my challenges in setting up Green Drinks Singapore more than 4 years ago, with no money, little understanding about the environment, virtually zero event experience, and one environmentalist friend.

There is so much to do here and so many interesting people to meet. WPP has done an extraordinary job with this event. Discussions are held in tents like these.

Here I am, looking like I am praying for a miracle that folks will come attend. There were around 8 people at my session, I am putting it down to the reason that there were more interesting tech talks elsewhere. There are around 8 talks happening at the same time.

Here is some other cool stuff that I’d seen at Stream Asia…

Here’s a discussion titled Revolution 2.0, looking at the use of social media in revolutions like Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street.

Participants also volunteer to perform. Tonight we had performances with people playing the violin, guitar, singing, and a Bollywood dance lesson.

One more day to go, and looking forward to tomorrow’s events!


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