Launch of the Toyota Prius C

Borneo Motors recently launched the Toyota Prius C at Zouk, something of a  different approach for them, and I liked it! With the Prius being a cool eco car, and relevant for all ages, having it at a trendier location than their showroom certainly helps with brand identity. They placed cars at the entrance and on the dance floor.

On the night, I got to hang out with my sister-in-law, who got me an invite. She works with the dealership, and is now my ticket to Toyota (eco) car launches since  Dad retired over two years ago.

Cute car. While I don’t have any immediate plans to own a car, I’d recommend this 1.5 litre hybrid over a vast majority of cars.

In my heavily-biased, environmentalism-laced opinion, this car (minus the checkerboard decals) is way more exciting, and sexier than an Aston Martin or Lamborghini, although it’s hard to top any Tesla car.

I don’t like to encourage unnecessary consumerism, but if you must buy a car, I’d say definitely make it an eco one. My wish is to be able to cycle everywhere in Singapore, but that’s not possible at the moment, so for now, I will have to stick to public transport and make the occasional taxi ride.


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