Coffees at Papa Palheta

It’s been ages since I’ve dropped by. I used to have meetings here rather frequently, but in the last year, I’ve been meeting at Bar Stories, since it was closer to my (then) office. And with 2012 being the year of telecommuting for me, popping by would be an even rarer occurrence. Anyhow, the sister company Loysel’s Toy is pretty close to my home, so I’ll still get to savour their super tasting coffees whenever.

I was with a couple of the TEDxSingapore folks this afternoon, talking about the two upcoming events in April, and The City 2.0, a platform where people share their vision of a city, or city 2.0. This TED Prize initiative is pretty exciting… a city of the future, one that adapts to environmental and social needs for city dwellers.

Papa Palheta looks a bit different from before, and they don’t serve soy lattes anymore, so I settled for a latte, which means I’ve fallen off the wagon, since I’m not supposed to be having milk as part of this new healthy diet I’m on for two months. I’ll elaborate more on the new diet in an upcoming post, but I’d like to clarify that it’s not a slimming diet, but one that is more suited to my body type and makes me more healthy, and hopefully helps me pack on a few pounds.

Here’s Dave and Kok Koon having a chat.

Great coffees, and I didn’t feel guilty for long. I had to stop myself from getting a second cuppa. The real guilt might happen in the next few days, when I’m in Phuket for Stream Asia. Of course the diet requires me to be off alcohol too, and being with a resort full of creatives without boozing up is rather unrealistic. But I’ll try!


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