To all the boys I’ve xx before

Sometime in December, I got together with Fiona and Brenda on a weekend night for our common bonding sessions, where we talk about the things women always talk about… men, work, women, men… stuff, when the conversation turned to the xoxo symbol.

Brenda had sent off a business email with xoxo, thinking that it was a good way to signal the end of a conservation. She showed us the email to get a second opinion on what she’d written, and we were appalled that she would send hugs and kisses to a possible male business partner. “Isn’t it like how you finish a cross stitch, with an xoxo?,” she asked.

I insisted on how inappropriate it is to xoxo, where at best she could have just sent xx, since it’s sending hugs instead. Fiona shot me a horrified look, and told me that each x symbol equates to sending a kiss. She then said that us girls were hilarious and needed to be brought up to speed on these matters. I tried to justify myself, saying, “C’mon when you hug someone, your hands are put around the person’s back and forms a cross! And O looks like pursing your lips to form a kiss!”

It was then that Fiona said one of my male friends was confused by my xx signoffs in messages.

Oh. My. God. I’d lost count of the number of men I’d sent that to… How bloody embarrassing…

So to all the men I’ve sent xx to, I’m so sorry. In future, a smiley face should suffice for all male correspondences, I should reserve all my xx for my female friends!

Image taken from bizzlenj


8 thoughts on “To all the boys I’ve xx before

  1. Hahahaha how embarrassing! I always found it risky to include informal symbols such as “xoxo” or even smileys in professional correspondence.
    Frankly, I think it’s a shame, as these “added value” symbols can really make a sentence more friendly looking (e.g. “Next time i see you, you’re dead.” vs. “Next time i see you, you’re dead :)”)
    When the industry sees the value in adding these symbols, and it is no longer a forbidden practice, i think the business world will suddenly seem a lot user friendly.
    Until then, no choice.

  2. Oh c’mon. HUGS & KISSES. xoxo. Naturally people relate x to hugs and o to kisses. Why did the trend setter not put it as oxox then!? >=(

  3. I totally love and constantly look forward to our bonding sessions…always so much fun! Can’t wait for the next! Xoxoxoxo!

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