Picnic at The Botanic Gardens

I wish I had a sprawling garden a fifth the size of The Botanic Gardens, and I would have chickens, ducks, geese and all sorts of birds, dogs, and a brown cow that I would call Maisy. I’d also like to have a veggie plot, fruit trees, and big trees that I can hang lanterns from, and a hammock between.

Last month, someone from my close group of girlfriends suggested a picnic, and couldn’t have made a better choice than the Botanic Gardens. I enjoyed the walk in, and passed the pavilion above and a field of frangipanni trees.

I finally found them after a 15 minute walk from the main entrance. Jessie brought her adorable poodle, which we enjoyed playing with, especially Brenda.

Here’s Jaime and Jessie, and the pooch. Cutest dog ever.

Pam and Lukas brought some raw sushi rolls and raw muffins. Most of us here love raw food, and it went pretty fast.

Here’s Fiona with her hilarious daughter Sarah, the most spiritually-evolved person in our whole group. Here she is in her “I’m the boss” pose.

This is Davide kicking back while chatting to Lukas.

It was a really fun day under the sun, although we all got a bit sunburnt. We neglected to slap on some sunblock. I had sunscreen on my face, but my scalp, arms and back of my neck were burnt. Most of us met the following day for a workshop and had a good laugh at each other’s glowing red skin. Lukas, the fairest of us all, had it the worst.

As usual, I forgot to get a photo of myself with the rest. Pfffff.


2 thoughts on “Picnic at The Botanic Gardens

  1. Hi there! Happened to chance upon your blog.

    Am planning a picnic with my beloved @ the Botanical Gardens this coming 29th, and thought i asked around for some tips.

    Was the weather fine during the picnic? Would there be a need to bring along any insect repellant & sunblock? My loved one is kinda touchy over creepy crawlies & hot weather (she is pretty concerned over her skin –“)

    Are the picnic grounds okay

  2. Hey Tommy,

    Sunblock definitely. The weather was great, but try to get a shady spot if you’re planning to stay for long.

    Bring a mat and you’ll be fine, there were no creepy crawlies nor mozzies and insects.

    Best of luck!

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