Xmas cheer

This post is so long overdue!

I don’t really celebrate Xmas, because I regard it as a Hallmark holiday and a horribly consumeristic event, along with Valentines Day. The latter is not even worth mentioning because I find it frivolous and utter rubbish. It’s a day that carbon intensive, pesticide flowers get sold at cut-throat prices. Perhaps my inner environmentalist murdered my inner romantic some years back.

So when I did celebrate Xmas with friends and family over a few days, it was not about presents (I hardly give any, which makes me a true Xmas grinch) but about meaningful time spent with them.

I went to a couple of events with friends, one being an intimate, long table dinner at Warren’s (see pic above, which I stole from Warren Wee), and the other being a pagan partay with a couple of my besties, Brenda and Fiona.

I didn’t take that many pics at Warren’s partay, mostly because I was talking so much to the people there (photos of me below were taken by Warren also). I had a really good time, and was the last to leave.

The pagan partay was something else. Brenda and Fiona did an amazing job of organising food, entertainment and programme flow for the evening. We had people offering healing, oracle card reading, palm reading, tibetan sound bowl therapy and astrology reading at the event. It was a fun and magical evening with spiritual people.

Brenda, delighted that the food is all prepared.

My contribution… mini caprese!

Houseproud Fiona and Sarah…

My outfit, complete with feathery earpieces.

Bala leads a breathing exercise, in between Tibetan Singing Bowl therapy sessions.

We also played charades. Here is Davide describing something big. I think it’s Santa.

Here’s Fiona with her bountiful Xmas tree.

We all had such a great time. I think we should do this every year, and have more of our lightworker friends attend. For 2012, Xmas is so close to the end of the Mayan calendar, so a Mayan Xmas could be our theme this time 😉


5 thoughts on “Xmas cheer

  1. Love your Caprese Olivia 🙂

    Not sure about celebrating Xmas in Pai but this year’s Xmas theme is definitely Mayan!

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