Final hurrah!

Here’s Jacq’s and my attempt at being boutique owners. In an effort to declutter our wardrobes, we asked our friends to bring their pre-loved clothing over to our office at Haji Lane for a fire sale. A bit of a flop, even though we put out some great clothes at giveaway prices. We made something like $94 for 6 dresses… in 4 hours. We’ll stick to our day jobs, thanks!

At the end of the day, we looked at our earnings, and it reminded me of Garage Wars on The Biography Channel. This is what the tally looked like:

Jacq – $59
Brenda – $27
Olivia – -$8 (because I bought a dress off Jacq although I sold a dress for $10)

This was meant to be a one-off thing, but now we’re thinking of doing this at least a couple more times. There are a couple good reasons for this lacklustre result. One being, our window dressing skills didn’t quite make the cut. I know this from my extensive couch potato experience of watching Sell this House (also on The Biography Channel) and their “staging” techniques, where they find means and ways to make the space look enticing. We had too much clutter in the shop, not enough clothing racks, too dim, and it really wasn’t inviting enough.

The other real reason was this.

The On the Fringe cast were filming at our doorstep and chasing away potential customers. They were at it for more than 4 hours. Li Nanxing was also hovering around, we know so because our acquaintance from Bar Stories showed us a photo they’d taken together.

Oh well, we’ll give it a couple more shots. We’re both moving out at the end of the month, so we don’t have much time left. We really should have done this sooner.

So ladies, if you’re looking for some clothing and don’t mind some second hand-ones, pop by! We’ve got ASOS, French Connection, Sass & Bide, Topshop, Martina Pink etc. Some have never even been worn. We’ll definitely be open on February 26, and at least one day in between, so do drop in and say hello… We’d appreciate the company!


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