Have you heard of twin flames?

Perhaps this sounds soooooo out there, but I believe in twin flames. That is you, split into two different people; someone out there who thinks similar to you. It sounds freaky, if not loopy, but I have met twin flame couples.

This is not quite the same as soul mates, as we only have one twin flame, while soul mates refer to people who are part of your soul group, if you believe in reincarnation.

Twin flames aren’t always romantically linked, but can be best buddies. This person is here to support you through your spiritual development and vice versa. We don’t always end up meeting our twin flame in our lifetimes, and it is said that this only happens once you and your twin flame balance out each other’s karma. Therefore, the best way to meet your twin flame is to fight your own demons and work on your karma.

I first heard about twin flames two-and-a-half years ago, and I’ve been pining to meet mine eversince. Two of my besties have met theirs already, which is making me feel even more impatient. Twin flame, where are you?

When I heard this song by Christina Perri and saw this video, I thought to myself, what a perfect twin flame song. The lyrics sum it up to a tee.


4 thoughts on “Have you heard of twin flames?

  1. Actually I heard about about twin flames quiet a few years back… and then started my search. I think I found it but this girl is really taking things really really…. r..e…a….l……l….. slow.

    I spoke to Christina Perri about this sometime back and she wrote this song for me to keep me motivated while I wait for this girl to be aware about it…

    I think you might know who this girl is.. *wink

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