Hopes for 2012

On New Year’s day, The Straits Times published an article on what civil activists hope for in 2012. In it, I talked about two environmental endeavours that I hope to see success in – the SaferSkin campaign that Green Drinks Singapore is launching soon, and the conservation of Bukit Brown.

But wait, there’s more. They just couldn’t publish it all, I would have rambled on and on and on…

There are several environmental causes I feel for, and will be supporting this year, such as anti sharkfinning, food security, cycling, anti disposable chopsticks, sustainable seafood, among others. My overall goal for Green Drinks is really to grow the awareness of why taking care of the environment means taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. And when you know better, you do better, as one of my friends always says.

For myself, I’d like to see some personal growth so I’ll be focussing on more spiritual activities. At least one spiritual retreat is definitely on the cards.

A big and exciting year ahead, and lots to do for Green Drinks, Sustainable PR and in my personal life. Cheers, to a more socially and environmentally conscious and responsible year ahead, to one and all! May all your dreams come true!


2 thoughts on “Hopes for 2012

  1. Hey Olivia, Sarah here (we met at the Blackberry event). Just wanted to say I love your site and it was great meeting you (: Happy Lunar New Year

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