Feeling Frenchie xx

I have a new favourite hang out on the street where I work – Le Bistro Parisien, a laid back French Halal restaurant.

Their prawn salad, opera cake and dark chocolate cake are really tasty. They serve mainly meat dishes, so there are few dishes I can comment on. It’s been around for a while now, but I didn’t try it till early this week. I had to after I met the owner Jean at a xmas party last week, where he brought a plate of opera cake. The taste was unforgettably good.

I was there tonight with beautiful Brenda for dessert. If you are wondering what she is dangling with glee, that’s a new pendulum she bought from Sanctum, at 66 Haji Lane. We were there earlier for a pagan circle, and picked up some items from the store. I bought a book and some gemstones.

We ordered opera cake and dark chocolate cake, and Chef Jean asked us to also try their creme brulee, which wasn’t too bad. Brenda’s pal, Ryan joined us midway. Yes, Brenda can’t stop playing with her pendulum. We had a lovely evening, feeling Frenchie.

Xmas pics soon!

Check out Le Bistro Parisien at

10 Haji Lane
Open daily 11am – 11pm
+65 63966383

2 thoughts on “Feeling Frenchie xx

  1. When are you gonna let me take you to this French place…. then perhaps continue with other French theme things…. ?


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