New ogle zone!

Time to celebrate! I finally found a place with quality men (+ women) and music in Singapore.

While I’m not fond of the animal (carcass) skins that embellish the place, everything else – okay except the price of drinks – I like!

I was telling a friend about how much in like I am with Pangaea for the above-mentioned reasons, and this person (I can’t remember who because my brain is like a sieve these days) said it’s really just a high-class Attica i.e. meat market. That made me rethink how much I’d like to be seen there. Perhaps I’ll have to be more discreet… like a fly on the wall.

I used to head down to The Butter Factory every weekend but it’s now a rare occurrence since the crowd has become really young. I feel old, and look like a has-been, spinster, and cougar all at the same time. I now feel like the “social sandwich class”, where do I go if I don’t want to pub nor go to a sleazy club. Does a clean club exist in Singapore?

Feeling like an old lady on a Friday night, I was looking to head home to lie down after Andrew’s wedding, but quickly changed my mind when I found out about  Nigel’s birthday through Gyneth. We agreed to meet at Pangaea.

The walk in from the main entrance to the dancefloor was a long one. I think the corridor leading to the club is larger than the club itself!

Besides the people I entered with, everyone I saw was a new face, with the exception of 1 friend I’d bumped into. Instead of dancing the night away, I was being a voyeur the whole time, enjoying the visual experience mainly.

Just above me were lights that kept changing colours, in the distance were dancers clad in revealing police costumes, and under my nose was this couple sucking face… he is literally sucking her face.

There was also the head of a unicorn pinata floating around the club…

Here’s Gyneth with Pat, and birthday boy Nigel, above.

Nigel looks like he had a great night! He’s not the only one…

What a night! It was colourful right till the end. In the lift, a woman threw up on my bag and foot while I was walking out. What kind of person does that? She could have been more considerate and chundered in the corner, or at least run out and find a more dignified spot, instead of doing a projectile vomiting act from behind unsuspecting exiting lift passengers – that’s ambush! At that point, I had to take my bag and foot to the nearest sink, to remove the clinging clumpy bits.

It didn’t dampen my spirits… and my appetite though. I still went for a prata afterwards with Gyneth. I had a fab night all in! Happy birthday, Nigel!


4 thoughts on “New ogle zone!

  1. Indeed it was a great evening, all the way down to the technicolour yawn at the end! Best birthday in years thanks to my Singapore sirens, I might actually start to get excited about birthdays again as a result! I think that the lime might have been a bit strong in that last photo, either that or I was trying to pull off some sort of hip look that didn’t quite just make it?! Great post and brought back some fun memories, Thanks!

  2. Maybe you were blowing a kiss or making love to the camera! Yes… that technicolour yawn… zomg.

    Have a happy xmas season, and see ya soons in Singers!

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