Fine dining in Hong Kong

While in Hong Kong, I got to catch up with my longtime ex-boyfriend, Bennet over brekkie. He took me to Cafe Gray Deluxe at The Upper House, where I had granola and a fruity yoghurt drink with a spectacular view of the harbour.

I don’t get to see him much but we have the annual phonecall where I check in on how he’s doing, usually around the time of his birthday. While we dated for four years, the longest time among all my  relationships, and were close to getting married, he’s the one I know and understand the least. I still don’t get him up to today and I’ve given up trying. He only cares about food, and so I know he’ll take me to a nice place when we go out.

After our very brief meeting, I moved on to Gold by Harlan Goldstein, at LKF Hotel in Lan Kwai Fong. Grebstad Hicks Communications invited all bloggers from the previous night’s event to lunch, which was a lovely gesture on their part.

We sat in the private room, which let us snap away at our food without looking like we’ve never seen food before. We started with a selection from the buffet line as our appetiser, and then picked a main from the menu.

Fortunately, there were plenty of greens as part of the buffet, so I had a nice, healthy veggie spread. There were also a few seafood dishes on the menu, and I chose the garganelle pasta with tiger prawns. For dessert, I had bread pudding, and couldn’t resist getting a photo of the cocoa cake, coffee mascarpone gelato.

All in, not too bad of an experience. I enjoyed the appetiser, and the pasta was okay, it wasn’t quite al dente. I found the dessert rather pleasant.

If you would like to give it a try, you can check Gold out at:

Level 2 LKF Tower
33 Wyndham Street  
Lan Kwai Fong

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