Pita Pan’s pita pocket piqued my palate (say it quick! Three times!)

I was won over by the name, could you tell?

With a name like this, I just had to go in and try it.

It’s right outside the Art Science Museum, where I was for a press conference earlier, so yes, this is the view you get, sitting at Pita Pan.

There’s a four step process. I picked the half pocket with falafels, so that’s two down, then I had to stuff my pita from the mediterranean veg spread, and lastly, the sauce (of which I can pick two). I’m not very good at stuffing pitas, and did a messy job.

Okay, this photo probably tells you nothing, and it’s not any measure to go by, but this pita pocket was seriously yummy, the best I’ve ever had and every part of it tasted good. The pita, the falafel, the hummus, and other vegetables were full of flavour. Everything here is vegetarian by the way.

As for the price, I found it relatively reasonable, especially for Marina Bay Sands.  This is definitely a must try.

Give it a go at:

10 Bayfront Avenue, #01-87 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Open daily 11am – 12mn
+65 6688 7450


2 thoughts on “Pita Pan’s pita pocket piqued my palate (say it quick! Three times!)

  1. Is this Nigel H? Nigel G would never say anything like that.

    Dude, you’d know if it was an advertorial… it would have more food and more text, and I would have said so up top. Are you trying to say my random food review sounds artificial?!

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