Honour of the year: Our Everyday Sheroes, Inside Out

This year has been very kind to me, and it’s extra superb now, to be nominated as one out of nine “Everyday Sheroes” by TEDxSingapore, and included in Singapore’s first Inside Out Project (more on the global Inside Out Project below).

These were showcased on Saturday at TEDxSingapore Women, one of more than 100 TEDx events in the world broadcasting TEDxWomen. In Singapore we had 5 inspiring ladies presenting 4 talks and 2 performances, they are (in order of appearance) Grace Sai, Nikki Shaw, Lila Everard, So-Young Kang, and Sarah Cheng-De Winne.

These talks and performances were interpreted by an illustrator in real time, which was pretty cool.

The event was held at The School of Thought, at Queen Street, and was put together by a passionate and dedicated team, led by Dave Lim, who runs this on top of his day job. The 4 and a half hour event was packed with great speaking content, interactive activities, and great energy! This was the best series of talks I’ve been to in Singapore, and I was moved to tears in some instances. The talks will be posted on TED.com’s TEDxSingapore site in early 2012, so watch for it!

Just before one of the breaks, attendees were asked to check a compartment in their arm rests for a post-it note, which posed a question, meant for discussion with others that they would meet in the lobby area. The question printed on my post-it is something that I have been pondering for a while. One day, I will figure it out, and hopefully my opportunity will come soon 🙂

This year, JR won the TED Prize for the Inside Out Project Here’s a snippet of what it is about.

Here is the full TED talk.


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