New raw and health food cafe in town!

I love raw food, and I usually get my fix in Bali and at raw food parties locally, both occasions being very rare. My most recent raw meal was in Chiang Mai, where I had a raw Phad Thai and key lime pie at my friend’s cafe (pics soon). When I received the invitation to the opening of The Living Cafe, I was pretty stoked. I’m a member of Balanced Living, and so I’m aware of how the owner, Dana Heather is  adept at throwing great raw/health food partays.

The interior is very cleanly furnished, and easy on the eyes. There are some lovely details, like the flower of life, which is seen in parts of the decor.

There was a good variety of sweets and savouries, and the food was really yummeh. The menu is not entirely vegetarian, and offers a mix of raw and cooked food as well as beverages, including sandwiches, desserts, fruit juices, smoothies, and organic coffee.

I caught up with Pam and Brenda there, and we tucked into dishes like bruschetta, vegetable sushi, vegetable pasta, flaxseed crackers with dip, raw spirulina chocolate, raw blueberry cheesecake, watermelon ginger juice and wheatgrass juice. Also there, were friends like Jayne, Hong Ling and her family members, Hong and Shuli.

Here’s Dana giving a thank you speech. She did an extraordinary job with the space, which also features a shop, studio space, and zen garden. Here’s the shop, which stocks health and wellness books, supplements, eco Madana yoga mats (by my friend Theresa), jewellery and candles.

 Do check it out at

779 Bukit Timah Rd (between 4th and 6th Avenue)
Open Mon – Sat / 9am – 6pm
Phone +65 6762-8029


2 thoughts on “New raw and health food cafe in town!

  1. Thanks Olivia, Having just had my fill of raw food in bali, I am ready to sample the Singapore Experience, I will be sure to go there on Saturday morning for breakfast if they are open or even Sunday, will report back my findings.

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