Topless man party on the weekend

It’s so refreshing to go to a partay only to see a whole bunch of men losing their shirts, and some were down to their boy shorts – luckily no budgie smugglers. As one of my male friends put it, “it was such a cock fest”, referring to the number of men on the dancefloor. Someone else exclaimed that at the end of the night, it’ll probably just be down to men dancing among themselves.


It was refreshing. And it featured lots of shaving cream. Some of which got smeared on my face, hair and back.

I’d post more photos but I think it’s too revealing (of their bodies and identities). What a way to cap off a rockin’ week, where I was in Hong Kong for the launch of an iPad application by Moet Hennessy- more on that coming out shortly.

Topless man parties are a bit hard to come by. I think I’ll have better luck at the beach!


3 thoughts on “Topless man party on the weekend

  1. Happy to hear you are not a fan of the budgie smugglers, can you imagine if Tony Abbott was Prime Minister? Zoukout could be another Topless man party for you to attend?

  2. Ha haa.. I’d be upset if Tony became PM, then there’ll be no more carbon tax. To get my topless man fix, I’d have to go to naturalist beaches. Zoukout is a great idea.

    … or sausage partay?!

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