Date dealmaker or dealbreaker?

After writing the last post, I figured that this might be a more comprehensive (but not exhaustive) guide on how I assess whether I want to get serious with anyone. I do have a basic (some might not say it’s not basic at all) set of criteria – to match my values, just to speed up the decision-making process – give me some credit for being efficient, at least.

There are some types that instantly put me off. I can’t stand braggy men. It’s obscene to talk about money, so please don’t tell me what kind of place you live in, and how big it is, your holidays, la di da. Also, I can’t stand men who imply that they enjoy ogling at models – instant write-off. Women know that men are visual creatures and appreciate beautiful women (hey, we do too), and there’s no immediate need to underscore that point, thanks! And after dating so many angry, depressed and/or alcoholic men (I date the pick of the bunch, evidently), I’m steering clear of those types.

Earlier this week, I was talking about behavioural standards (like the one listed below) and a new acquaintance asked me where I got all of this from. I said that I suppose these thoughts enter my mind when I am out on a date, and it occurs to me, “hmmm it would really be nice if he…”. But of course a lot of it comes from experiencing chivalry from men during previous encounters. I’m merely compiling the good ones! And yes, that means I’ve had lots of bad ones too.

So here it is. It is tempting to judge me, but don’t pretend for a moment that you don’t have standards of your own! Yeahyeahyeah!!


9 thoughts on “Date dealmaker or dealbreaker?

  1. Olivia… it’s either all that conditions or a 7″ stiff pecker (which i’m packing). wanna go out for a drink? 🙂

  2. Finally, a lady who has figured out what she really is looking for! You’re a keeper in my book….

    So, if I give up all types of meat who is not an atheist, will promise to call more than text you & will share my broccoli and carrot sticks with you when u are still hungry before sending you home (and yes, i will also wait for you in front of your gate until you are safe get inside your house), will you go out with me so I have a chance to propose a 2nd date the following week in my post-1st date text msg?

    Good gawd, the things men have to do…. but I love the way your eye squint when you smile…

  3. The squint is a Chinese thing. And if you would so respect me and do all of the above, especially the chicken bit – love me love my chickens! – the 2nd date is definitely a possibility.

  4. I promise to respect and love you and your chicks. I wont even eat eggs…. and even promise to always stop to wait for the chicken to cross the road (neither to judge nor question her reasons as well). 😛

    Good enuff?

  5. #scorepoints « I just don't know what to do with myself!

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