Marrying off my brother!

That day finally came, where someone actually took up the offer of spending the rest of her life with my brother. At the age of 36 (and almost 37), it was about time!

I was the first one to hear about this wedding, even before my brother. My fortune teller forewarnedtold of this last year, sometime in July, I believe. But then again, my new sister-in-law was told by a geomancer around 8 years ago, that she would marry a man with a lot of physical scars i.e. an absolute klutzo – i.e. anyone from my family.

The wedding took place last week, and I was so excited, I couldn’t really sleep. I never thought I would be that excited, since he’d moved out for a few years now. I surprise myself sometimes.

I was one of the “sisters” – this is the fourth time I’ve been a bridesmaid. Isn’t there a limit to these things? Do I end up an old maid, since I’ve breached the three-time limit? Will God close an eye? I know I will play bridesmaid for at least one more wedding… so I’d better catch that damn bridal bouquet everytime from now on! I will bulldoze anyone down for it. No apologies, this is an emergency.

But as always, I’ve digressed. So I was one of eight bridesmaids, and was at my sister-in-law’s aunt’s place, waiting for my brother and his big fat red packet. We prepared some goodies for him in the meantime.

My brother’s a bit of a poker player, so my new sister-in-law created a memory game as part of the marriage festivities. He had to find a matching pair of  cards with her photo on it. We set it up, then played the waiting game… he was laaaate. And you know, as a true blooded Asian, there’s an auspicious hour for these things… even the cat got bored of waiting.

And so, after torturing my brother and his accomplices, we got the angpaos we so desired and my brother fetched his bride to my place for some tea.
That’s my dad on the left, and my very cool Uncle Sam in the background. These two like to go on holidays together, which is pretty sweet. In a short while, my cousin Peng Peng brings the tea.

Dad’s like, really excited after drinking tea.

We also took this jump shot in the park near out home, in our matching outfits. The dresses are from Smooch, and can be worn in many different styles.

Come evening time, we all went to Pan Pacific Hotel to get our hair and make up done. At one point, my brother popped over from his room and exclaimed how it was such a freakshow because he didn’t recognise anyone after the stylist was done with our hair and make up. Here’s moms getting her makeover, and then mine.

With my brother Greg and the newly-minted Mrs Choong, Lou. This is a bit of a different look for me. I’ve decided to get a perm soon. I’ve never tried it out. I think it’s quite nice, if I can say so meself!

This is my brother’s bestie, Calvin, who’s seen me grow up, pretty much. And here I am with my cousin Desiree and her husband, Tommy. They are a great couple!

Here’s their red packet drop box. Something different!

The whole day was a lot of fun and I was on such a high, I crashed out afterwards… and slept enough to make up for two night’s worth of sleep!


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