Whatsapp can be so dangerous!

I used to check Whatsapp to find out if my partner was still out and about on the weekends. He would contact me before or after he got home and ask if I wanted to catch up.

Having explained this to a friend recently, she’d call her boyfriend out each time he lied said that he was tired and going to bed but was still up, and in the process, messaging somebody else. Last I heard, they got into an argument.

I found myself on the receiving end of this snooping technique on the weekend when I was avoiding someone, and once I’d switched on my phone in the morning (truth is, my girlfriends switched it off without my knowledge because they were staging an intervention and wanted me to stay away from this person – they even insisted that I stay at one of their homes), I received a text message asking about being uncontactable (which I refused to reply to). Busted.

Image taken from Flecy.com


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