Stories mom tells me

My mom often tells me amusing tales, with a moral to it… one that she’d like me to learn.

Many years ago we were eating, she told me a story of the Mandarin Twins, when none of us wanted to take the last food item on the dish out of courtesy. Instead, we offered it to the other person, saying “you go ahead” and it went back and forth.

The Mandarin Twins story starts off in the belly of a pregnant lady, where its time to birth, and both twins decide to let the other go first. A fair bit of time elapsed, and they both died from lack of oxygen. Moral of the story? We can do away with the niceties, and just be a happy recipient.

Last week, she told me another story that she’d read in the Reader’s Digest, where she was making a decision, and saw this as a sign on what to do. Absolutely nothing. Or rather, hang in there.

I looked for this story online, and her version of events was a bit different, but more to the point. The moral was different too, but oh well. Here is her version.

Two frogs fall into a pail of milk and they both keep swimming. Wishing to get out, one frog asks the other, “What shall we do?”, and the other frog says that they shouldn’t lose hope and they should keep swimming.

Eventually, the first frog says he can’t keep up, and drowns, while the other keeps swimming. Next thing you know, the milk attracts flies, and the surviving frog feeds on it. The other great thing is, the milk turns to butter, and the frog hops out and saves himself.

The stories my mom tells are sometimes have a death or two, and they usually make me chuckle.  Hope you enjoyed them too.

Image taken from Los Cuatro Ojos


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