100% natural actives skincare

With the SaferSkin campaign launching within the next two weeks, I went to meet up with a couple of natural and organic skincare and cosmetics business peoples this week.

The campaign will be launched by Green Drinks Singapore, its objectives being raising awareness of toxins in skincare and cosmetics, and communicating the importance of knowing what’s in these products, so men and women make informed choices for the health of themselves, their family and friends, as well as pets. The desired outcomes would be for people to buy natural and organic, and to have existing commercial brands move towards a more natural and organic formula. Ambitious, perhaps, but when people know better, they can make better decisions.

Besides Pure Tincture, I caught up with Viccal, and picked up some free samples of their three serums. What’s so special about their serums is that they use 100% natural actives, with no fillers, preservatives, alcohol, colourants nor fragrances. They are very particular with the ingredients they use, and are very open about what goes into their products.

The serum is applied after cleansing your face, before your moisturiser. For now, they are carrying only serums, and I’m hoping that they will come up with a whole range of skincare products!

Eczema sufferers have said that serum 2.11 has helped alleviate symptoms or better yet, rid them of it entirely. I have eczema on my face (ugh!) and have had a red nose (which I have concealed under make up) for 7 years now, so I’m giving this a shot. Of course this means I need to stop taking in toxins in other forms too. I’ve been eating more healthily, and rarely drink alcohol these days. I recently developed gout, so I limit myself to half a pint of beer (okay, where I can help it)!!

I tried it last night and this morning, and I like it! I don’t usually apply anything on my face after washing it, except for when I go out… I use eye cream and moisturiser before putting on make up, organic, naturally!

Everyone should give Viccal a try! You can get your free sample by requesting for it at their website. There are three different serums for three different skin conditions, which can be caused by hormonal changes, for example. Prices start at $180 for a full sized bottle, which might sound pricey but it’s what you would pay if beauty brands removed the plasticisers and plastic compounds they use as a filler, and increase the amount of active ingredients. Do give the samples a fair go, and let the experience do the talking. Also, I’m sure the owners can explain this better than I can.

Some other good natural/organic skincare and cosmetic shops to support are Bud Cosmetics, The Naturally Better Company, and SuperNature. Do something healthy for your skin and skip the toxins!

How do you know what is unsafe? Download the Ingredient Watch iPhone application and check ingredients against its database to find out how safe the product is. The application also lists health effects associated with particular ingredients. It’s an awesome pocket guide that everyone should refer to when shopping for products! Check it out!


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