Diary excerpts from a disgruntled woman

I was reading through my diary from last year and found some amusing quips I’d made about the person I was seeing at the time.

This is me playing games,

He messaged me in the morning, but I ignored it. Then he rang. I ignored it. I don’t know why he bothers, when he mostly doesn’t.

And some months later, while we were still dating,

Got a text from him about missing my flight, and he said he was chilling at home. He eventually went out for a drink after rescuing his friend from a roadblock.

Rang him to see what he was up to and he said he would call me back tomorrow because -> get this -> ‘The music is too loud’.

**** you! My higher self woke me up that night telling me that he is not the one for me. Glorious! I should tell him, ‘My higher self said **** you!’

And the following night,

I stayed home and tinkered around on the computer. He texted me at 3am but I was going to bed. I just didn’t hear it, because my phone was on silent. It can wait anyway. He said it was too noisy to speak to me last night? WTF. It can definitely wait!

Then as the days dragged on, I wasn’t very conscientious about keeping a diary, and used it more as a work notebook. There were some more entries, but they were progressively unpleasant heh heh heh. I should have kept to it, so that I have more entries to highlight.

I think it’s time for me to start keeping a diary,  proper,  and keeping a record of my inane thoughts as a youth! One day I’ll look back and have a good ol’ laugh!

Image taken from Malsicuro at stock.xchng


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