Dominic Khoo’s 28th Fevrier

It was such an awesome sight pulling up to my friend’s new lifestyle space, Dominic Khoo’s 28th Fevrier. Yes, that’s his name, and yes, that’s his birthday! There’s really no excuse to forget, now!

There’s quite a lot happening here and also waiting to happen. There’s furniture, a bespoke tailor, bespoke leather shoes, a master printer, a gallery space, and coming soon, a cafe with the Rolls Royce of all coffee roasters, I’ve heard.

Dominic is a university mate of mine, and we bumped into each other so much at the campus carpark, that we became friends there. I remembered returning to my car on several occasions, to find my windscreen wipers lifted. I was pretty sure that it was Dom’s work.

He’s still not changed much and is still as cheeky as ever, except he’s now a highly sought after celebrity/lifestyle photographer. He’s extremely talented and I love looking at his photos. He had to find a space to exhibit them, so he got hold of the above-pictured space at Jalan Kilang, as a gallery and a place to put together some of his favourite things, and his latest venture – eco Flexible Love seats and Molo Design walls.

Molo Design walls


Behind those walls are a bunch of us, sipping wine on Flexible Love seats

Made from Tyvek and 100% recyclable, the Molo Design walls come in varying heights, and can be simply connected with the in-built magnets to form partitions or rooms. Prices start at $2,988 for a 1.83m wall to $4,988 for a 2.44m wall, and $5,988 for a 3.05m wall. There are “holes” running through the wall that allow for LED light fixtures to be inserted, so the walls can take on a different colour.

The sturdy chairs are made from recycled paper, prices start from $400 and costs up to $1,300. To get a closer look at the range, check out their Facebook fan page. They can even be turned from a seat, into a bench that sits 20, and even into a bed!

Here's Dom, to the left

The back area, with more seating, clothing and a sewing machine

Cosy workspace

A kampung house, which is there for a National Heritage Board exhibition

The General Manager, Daniel

There were more than 300 people at the party I heard, but I’d arrived so late that I only caught those that still had energy at midnight on a Friday night. But I wasn’t the latest… Adrian turned up after he was done judging the Miss Earth pageant. On a side note, I really don’t get pageants, and I’d like to see how participants from all over the world address issues of climate change! Please  prove me wrong.

Dom and Adrian

Dom and I

Keith and Daniel

Keith and Kwai Sum

A drink sponsor for the night. It's an energy drink with Acai. Tastes a lot better than Red Bull. And it kept me up till 4am, so yes it works!

Do check it out at 5 Jalan Kilang, in Bukit Merah. More details at their website.


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