The last supper

On Sunday evening, Food#03 served its last meals, in preparation of the winding down of its shopfront at 109 Rowell Road at the end of the month on 7 August. Their lease ends then, and they have decided not to renew their tenancy for both the restaurant and museum space – Post-Museum. The space has been around for 3 years and 8 months, and is the birthplace of Green Drinks Singapore and Veggie Singles (among other movements), so naturally, I am quite sad about its closure.

I was there with one of my good friends, Kai Ming, who appreciates meaningful places with food cooked from the heart. He had the Dugu burger, which is the cafe’s signature dish, while I had my favourite mushroom fettucine in tomato sauce, a garden salad, and the iconic Post-Museum Pour aka PM Pour with one lychee. We finished off with sweets, he had a crepe, while I had a apple cake. I usually do a three course meal when I’m there.

Kai Ming admiring the vintage glasses

Dugu Burger

My favourite fettucine

Apple cake

I'm going to miss this - the PM Pour. A refreshing drink, no matter what the weather is outside!

Ibrahim pops by and joins us for a chat about sports and stuff!

The beautiful thing about Food#03 is that you never know which friends you’ll meet or make in the time you’re there. I’ve made so many friends in the social activism space there, and these people have really helped grow and shape Green Drinks’ journey.

That evening, I met so many of my friends, such as Ibrahim and Emilie O, who joined us for a bit.

There's nothing quite like it

That's Jen, who is one half of the couple who run it!

And there's Tien, her other half

Even the till has character

It's not what you think it is, but a Sea Shepherd campaign against blue fin tuna.

I seriously don't know what Fluffy is or was, but it leaves a lot to the imagination!

The graffitti outside is awesome.

It was done by El Mac, a world famous street graffiti artist. Even the mural is sad that Food#03 and Post-Museum are going away...

Tien, who also runs the space

So before its final curtain call, do pop by for the last few exhibitions, and for a last taste of the PM Pour. I hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “The last supper

  1. I never had the chance to visit food#03 despite hearing rather good reviews of the place. Nonetheless, am hoping to drop by the post museum again im 7th August for its final RRFM. Hopefully, they will be able to find another space to support their initiatives and social causes for the Arts.

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