Blast from the past

My childhood friend, Wen Wen is in town, and it’s been around a decade since I last saw her! We used to go to secondary school together, eat at Long John’s Silvers after class, then take 65 home… until I got attached and we didn’t hang out as much. Then she moved to Vancouver, and in recent years I got acquainted with her sisters Pam and Pearlin.

Here with her really nice husband, David, she’s preggers and looks absolutely radiant. She’s still a laugh a minute and brings such good energy wherever she goes. Her husband and herself recently spent a total of 6 months in Haiti and Cambodia doing mission work – respeckt!

We went to Real Food, in the basement of Central, for dinner. They serve organic vegetarian cuisine, and everything I’ve eaten there so far is so tasty. I especially love their dumplings! I stick to a vegetarian diet as much as possible, even though I’m a pescetarian, and good vegetarian dumplings are hard to come by!

So healthy and delish!

Afterwards, we went for a stroll and some sweets at Nectarie Le Dessert Patisserie. I had my usual Lavender Honey ice cream, but didn’t enjoy it as much, perhaps because I couldn’t really taste the honey. Coupled with Peony Jade tea, I felt like it was an overdose of aromatherapy. If there was anything positive about the experience, it put me in the mood for a spa treatment. And so I took a shower with bath salts and slathered myself with Ayurveda oil once I got home.

Okay, I’ve digressed.

I had such a lovely evening out. And it’s funny, how you meet old friends, and they retain that childlike spark in their eyes. The essence of who you’ve always known them to be is still there, but they are wearing grown up clothes and hair.

Wen and David

Knocked up and proud!

We should always keep that youthful, innocent spirit alive, no matter what!  🙂

When I grow up, I wanna be me! I don’t wanna change!


2 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. Awwww…you’re sweet! Vice Versa, I think of you the same. 🙂 10 years flew by so quickly, and it was so nice to catch up.You are welcome in Canada anytime!

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